Let’s build a
better world.

Building a better world is hard work
Let’s do it together

Action that matters.

We believe that it’s time for a new approach to making change. Live By empowers humans to live a more ethical and environmentally-friendly life by making sustainable, informed and conscious micro-changes that really matter. Let’s make the world a better place together.

Looking for better?

Live By features brands that work hard to ensure their products and processes adhere to practices that have a minimal (or net positive) impact on the world, and they look good while doing it.

Some of our favorite things:

Honest Beauty
Extreme Length Mascara

Stainless Steel Food Bowl

Glass Baby Bottle

Taking a stand? So are we.

A cause is something that you believe in, a conviction that you use for guidance as you make thousands of decisions daily. Live By helps you cut through the noise so you can allocate your resources for things that are better.

All things better.

We search far and wide for people who share our belief in building a better future and who are putting in the hard work of making a reality where everybody wins.