You’re passionate about your cause.

So are we.

We’re here to build a better marketplace. For too long, consumers have been buying without the pertinent information they need to raise a hand for the causes they care about most.

But we know that the free market is powerful, responsive and listening. At Live by, we ensure every purchase is turned into a meaningful vote for your cause, so that your money advances the wellbeing of the planet, people and animals, specifically in the categories closest to your heart.

Our system draws on the most recent scientific, peer-reviewed studies to understand which efforts have the most positive impact across multiple verticals, and our products are scored with these weighted values at heart.

You can search for products that support the causes you care about most by using our “causes” filter, or you can look to our scoring system to determine where you’ll cast your vote. Either way, you’re part of a voice that is growing louder every day, telling the market 

we’re ready for a change.

Live By's Causes