Animal Friendly

Animal friendly products consider how both corporate and manufacturing processes affect all animals and sentient life.

From direct effects on the animals themselves, to wider implications for habitats and ecosystems, an animal friendly approach needs to take all aspects of welfare and any consequential impacts of production into account.

With this in mind, the brands and products which we consider to be animal friendly are those that don’t test on animals, are vegan, or otherwise actively work to improve overall animal welfare.

Animal friendly products from brands which pursue policies promoting and improving animal rights and wellbeing, as well as those which use materials and engage in practices that are cruelty-free can be found in this category.

Similarly, organizations and brands which avoid the use or exploitation of animals, and those which offset any impact to animals and their habitats in some way are considered animal friendly.

The Best Animal Friendly Products

Frequently Asked Questions

What does animal friendly mean?

Animal friendly means considering how products and manufacturing will affect animals (and insects!) and their habitats. We consider brands to be animal friendly if they don’t test on animals, are vegan, or otherwise work to improve animal wellbeing.

What makes a brand animal friendly?

Brands should: Engage in practices and use materials that are cruelty-free. Avoid using animal products. Offset any impact on animals and their habitats that their products and/or manufacturing processes may cause.