Bee Friendly


Being a friend to the bees ultimately means not using any products derived from bees such as honey or beeswax, supporting bees in a tangible way, and using organic products.

What is bee friendly?

A bee friendly brand is what it says – a friend to the bees. While many brands may display this label, it can often be the case that while pollinators are supported through policies such as habitat preservation, bees are still utilized for their by-products. Much like the distinctions between vegetarian and vegan, bee-friendly is a step beyond that of pollinator conscious. In order to be considered bee friendly, a brand cannot use any products derived from bees such as honey or beeswax, they must support bees in a tangible way, and all products must be organic.


To be considered bee friendly a brand:

  • Cannot use products derived from bees (e.g. wax, honey)
  • Must support bees in a tangible way, through i.e. donating to a bee related charity or initiatives to support bee habitats
  • Must be classified as organic

Why it matters

From directly harming their food supply and shelter through intensive farming, to the use of pesticides and other chemicals which are harming their health, to the indirect impact of climate change altering their behavior, the bee population is under threat. 

Why you might want to choose bee friendly products

The collapse of bees and other vital pollinator populations is very bad news for everyone. Bees and pollinating insects affect 35 percent of global agricultural land and studies have found that the loss of bees causes shortages of key food crops. In order to preserve biodiversity, protect our ecosystems, and even protect our food supply, it’s now more important than ever to support vulnerable pollinator populations by mitigating, reducing and eliminating our detrimental impacts wherever possible.

What you can do

Avoiding the use of bee derived ingredients ensures that you are not contributing to their harm. Similarly, opting for organic products wherever possible results in the use of fewer chemicals which have the potential to negatively impact bees and other wildlife.

We have a list of bee friendly brands and a range of bee friendly products in our store. You can also read more about how we define bee friendly and how we differentiate between pollinator conscious and bee friendly or give directly to a relevant charity

We also suggest looking into our vegan, wildlife friendly, sea friendly, and palm oil free products.


We want our money to go to a good cause, and we trust *your* judgement best. Tell us what’s most important to you and we’ll invest accordingly 🙌

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