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Cruelty-free products have been sourced, developed, and manufactured without any experimentation or testing on animals.

What is cruelty-free?

Animal testing is the use of non-human animals in experiments and scientific tests. Cruelty-free products are those which have been sourced, developed, and manufactured without any experimentation or testing on animals.

Currently, there is no official definition for the term cruelty-free, therefore we use the broadest definition of the term. To be considered cruelty-free, we require that a brand not only avoids testing products on animals themselves, but also that they do not use suppliers that test on animals, do not outsource testing to a third-party, and do not sell products in countries that require products to be tested on animals by law. We apply this criteria to all phases of product development and manufacture, as well as all items within a brand’s product range(s). 


We consider a brand to be cruelty-free if they do not:

  • Test any of their finished products on animals at any point during production
  • Use suppliers that test raw materials, ingredients, or products on non-human animals
  • Have a third-party test any products on animals on their behalf
  • Sell any products in a country where animal testing is required by law (e.g. mainland China)

NB: A grey area exists for brands with a parent company that is not cruelty-free. Wherever possible we record and report on this relationship, but ultimately leave this up to the discretion of the buyer to determine whether this is acceptable or not.

Why it matters

Animal testing has long been the prevalent practice in testing products for safety which means that many ingredients and products have been, and continue to be tested on animals. Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and household products are commonly tested on animals. As technology has advanced, this has become an outdated and often unnecessarily cruel method of establishing the safety of a product.

While, the EU, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, India, Turkey, and Israel have banned animal testing for cosmetics, the US still lacks a ban on the testing of cosmetics on animals. 

Why you might want to choose cruelty-free products

Without a doubt, choosing cruelty-free products is better for animals. By supporting brands that are adhering to cruelty-free manufacturing processes you are ensuring that the products you use have been developed with regard to the welfare and rights of animals. 

What you can do

Going cruelty-free is simple: don’t buy products from brands that test on animals. 

If you are interested in purchasing from cruelty-free brands, we have a list of recommended brands that are cruelty-free. Similarly, you can find a wide range of cruelty-free products in our store. If you want to learn more about what cruelty-free means, you can read our detailed guide. If cruelty-free is important to you, we suggest also looking into our vegan or vegetarian, bee friendly, wildlife friendly, reef safe and palm oil free products.