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Organic is a label applied to ingredients that have been grown or produced using minimal, if any, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals.

Organic products are healthier for the consumer, but let’s not forget that wherever non-organic farming is happening, farm workers are being exposed to dangerous chemicals in large quantities, on a regular basis. Let’s raise our voice for those folks, shall we?

And going organic matters for more than just our own, human, well-being.

It matters because agrochemicals kill pollinators, soil microbiomes and other animals and organisms necessary to maintain ecosystem integrity. And not just the ecosystem present on location (i.e. the farm in question). Humanity’s use of these nasty chemicals impacts soils and waters far, far away from the source. As they seep into our soils and meet rain and snow, they slowly start making their way to the nearest water supply. From local streams, they flow into larger bodies of water and eventually into oceans, where they create oceanic dead zones.

These novel entities have been called out by scientists as an area where we’ve completely overstepped our bounds. How to back out of that oopsie? We don’t know. But continuing to pour chemicals on our lands is certainly not the solution.


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