Pollinator Conscious


Being pollinator conscious means recognizing the vital role that pollinators play in our ecosystems and promoting practices that are beneficial to their wellbeing. 

What is pollinator conscious?

Pollinators are birds, bats, bees, butterflies, beetles, and other small mammals that move pollen from flower to flower, making pollination “one of the most important biological processes on our planet”. Brands that are pollinator conscious recognize the importance of the role that pollinators play in our ecosystems and work to actively promote agricultural practices and production sourcing processes that are beneficial to pollinator wellbeing. 


To be considered pollinator conscious a brand must:

  • Support bees and other pollinators in a tangible way, through i.e. donating to a bee related charity or initiatives that support pollinator habitats
  • Be classified as organic
  • Where relevant, only use products derived from bees (e.g. wax, honey) that have been procured in a verifiably sustainable manner

Why it matters

Pollinators play an absolutely critical role in our food supply chain, with bees responsible for pollinating 1 in 3 bites of food that we eat. Bees and other pollinators are struggling to survive however, with a number of different species currently under threat of extinction. 

Why you might want to choose pollinator conscious products

Supporting brands that are pollinator conscious is not only better for the pollinators but it also helps to ensure the sustainability of our own food supply. When it comes to pollinator conscious products, the most important things to consider are whether the product has been made with ingredients derived from bees and whether the product is organic. Any bee derived ingredients such as beeswax or honey should be obtained using sustainable methods to ensure the health, wellbeing, and safety of the bees. Similarly, pesticides have been proven to substantially harm pollinators such as bees, therefore using organic products which avoid the use of pesticides is important wherever possible.

What you can do

If you are interested in supporting pollinators, we have a list of recommended pollinator conscious brands. There’s also a range of pollinator conscious products in our store. If you want to learn more about what pollinator conscious means in practice, you can read our detailed guide. You can also read more about how we differentiate between pollinator conscious and bee friendly

If being pollinator conscious is important to you but you believe that we shouldn’t take anything from bees (e.g. honey, wax) then odds are you’re an advocate of bee-friendly products and practices – we have a list of brands who feel similarly and a number of products which meet this stricter criteria

Looking to go even further? Then consider looking into our vegan, bee friendly, wildlife friendly, reef safe and palm oil free products if you want to minimize your impact on animals at a wider scale.


We want our money to go to a good cause, and we trust *your* judgement best. Tell us what’s most important to you and we’ll invest accordingly 🙌

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