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Supports Wildlife

What does supporting wildlife mean?

Supporting wildlife involves taking active steps to support wild animals, biodiversity, and/or natural ecosystems. It also means not harming wild animals.

Brands and products that support wildlife recognize the critical importance of biodiversity to planetary systems and respect nature’s imperative, and right, to survive.

Whether it’s the protection of individual, endangered species, or a wider level of support for biodiversity and the promotion of resilient ecosystems, brands and organizations actively working to support wildlife are helping to ensure a better planet for all. 


To be considered a supporter of wildlife a brand:

  • Must be vegetarian (can not use any animal products that involve the death of an animal)
  • Can not use palm oil in any of their products or manufacturing processes
  • Must support wildlife and/or conservation in a tangible way, through i.e. donating to a wildlife related charity or initiatives to support the protection of biodiversity
  • Can not test products, ingredients or materials on animals
  • Must be ocean friendly

Why it matters

In some instances, the connection between wildlife and products is clear. Using materials or ingredients obtained from wild animals, for instance, directly harms the animal. In other instances, the relationship may be less direct. Deforestation (e.g. for wood, palm oil, or to provide more grazing space for cattle farming) is devastating to the resident wildlife and also leaves less habitat, food and resources for others. In both instances, vital and complex systems are damaged which can have widespread detrimental effects in multiple, and sometimes seemingly unconnected areas.

Why you might want to choose products that support wildlife

Biodiversity collapse is one of the greatest challenges currently facing our planet. As each individual species enters the vulnerable, endangered, or extinction list, we collectively edge closer to a wider and more devastating level of collapse, the repercussions of which will undoubtedly affect us all.

What you can do

One of the very best things to do to support wildlife yourself is to support the brands and causes that are working to tackle this problem head on through initiatives that promote the protection of wildlife and the prevention of habitat loss. 

We know that we’re all in this together and believe strongly in brands that support and protect wildlife in all of its forms, both flora and fauna. To help with this cause, we’ve made a list of brands that support wildlife and you can find some of their products in our store. You can also read about how we can all support wildlife and prevent biodiversity loss or give directly to a relevant charity

We also suggest looking into our vegan, bee friendly, ocean friendly, and palm oil free products.


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