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Here’s the truth: being good, truly good, is hard work.

It means breaking down barriers, imagining new ways of doing things, cooperating when we don’t feel like it, not cooperating when it’d be easier to give in, developing new channels and systems and products that have never existed before, and so much more. Translated into business terms, being better means making more deliberate, thoughtful, inclusive, considerate, sustainable, and being willing to make expensive decisions.

So of course there are those who would rather just pretend to be doing these things, and frankly, any word wizard can cobble together a misleading sentence or two. As a company committed to ending greenwashing once and for all, we see this dishonesty as a grievous sin.

We’re over it, and we know you are too.

We’ve found that companies who are proud of the efforts they’re making act and talk as though they have nothing to hide, because well, they don’t. In fact, they’re loud and proud and happy to share their practices and answer challenging questions.

Just as they should be.  


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