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Buying better begins at the intersection of heart and science.

You care. A lot.

But you don’t have time to research every product you buy.

That’s where we come in.

Backed by data, always better. Shopping with Live By makes a measurable difference.

What we do

Our science, in a nutshell.

We know that an informed consumer is one hell of a powerful voice. So we’ve collected an obsessive amount of data on every product we sell, with three paradigm-shifting goals in mind.

1. Verification. Only brands building a better world make our cut.

2. Communication. Extensive data is translated into three easy-to-digest charts to indicate how each product is working toward protecting planet, animals and people.

3. Empowerment. You choose where you’ll cast your dollar vote. Each purchase tells the free market what matters most to you. 

Want to go deeper? Read our white paper to dive into why, how and what data we collect. We'll just be excited that there's someone else out there who's as nerdy as we are.

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