Let’s build a
better world

Building a better world is hard work.
Let’s do it together.

Action that matters.

We believe that it’s time for a new approach to making change. Live By empowers humans to live a more ethical and environmentally-friendly life by making sustainable, informed and conscious micro-changes that really matter. Let’s make the world a better place together.

Brands to believe in.

We feature brands that work hard to ensure all products and processes adhere to practices that have a minimal (or net positive) impact on the environment. This includes oceans, forests, soil, animals, insects and atmosphere. These brands live by responsible, eco-friendly and sustainable values and principles, and they look good while doing it.

Some of our favorite things:

Honest Beauty
Extreme Length Mascara

Stainless Steel Food Bowl

Glass Baby Bottle

Causes worth fighting for.

A cause is something that you believe in, a conviction that you use for guidance as you make thousands of decisions daily. Choosing causes that you care about gives you a north star - a destination to continually move towards. It helps you cut through the noise so you can allocate your invaluable resources fighting for the things that matter.

All things better.

We search high and low for people who share our belief in a better future and who are putting in the hard work of making a reality where everybody wins.

Our ethos.

We promise to be honest, engage in legitimate discourse, do our best to avoid greenwashing, and be as transparent as possible. For us, that means having challenging conversations, listening carefully, standing up for what we believe in and always striving towards better.

Everyone and everything that we share this planet with deserves respect. We believe in always treating others with fairness, limiting the harm that we may cause to the environment, compensating for the impact that we can’t avoid having, and creating a judgement-free space.

We understand that the nature of our current economic system can result in suboptimal decisions. Still, we believe that we can collectively co-create a better future by considering the potential implications of our actions in the future in order to make better decisions today.