What matters most to you?

Value is one of those words that we often think of as being subjective and this always leads to an inevitable problem – many things are overlooked and undervalued.

In fact, some things aren’t even valued or considered valuable at all.

This of course is nowhere close to an accurate reflection of the natural reality we all live within and when this misallocation or even refusal to value the things that really matter leads to deforestation, pollution, mass-extinctions, and a rapidly changing climate, then the problem simply becomes too serious to ignore.

The main cause of all this is that for a very long time the status-quo has been that those who are primarily responsible for saying what is and what isn’t considered valuable in society haven’t really had the best interests of the majority of life on this planet in mind.

When the importance of deciding what should and what shouldn’t be considered valuable means serving the interests of everyone rather than a select few individuals, this is a very serious issue.

Here at Live By we decided that it was about time that the under-represented voices of and contributions made by, people, animals, and other non-living parts of our planet got the fair value they are due and deserve.

We also think that those trying to make real change and those trying to take action to mitigate and slow the problems are now more valuable than ever before.

And, perhaps most importantly of all, we think that you (and, by extension, us) are ultimately the most valuable part of the whole equation as you actually have the most power to enact real and lasting change for the better.

In short, we believe everything and everyone has a value.

Here’s what this looks like in practice.

First and foremost, we believe that everybody has the power to influence real change and that big things happen when small actions are scaled with the power of a common goal.

Our goal is simple:

We assess those making change and those taking action to help you make better buying and donating choices. We facilitate the interactions that matter most to create outcomes that are better for everyone.

You value the things that really matter. And so do we.

Let’s start to make things better.